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How to deal with accidents in construction sites?

Safety is one of the most important aspects on construction sites and even though construction companies take numerous safety precautions, that doesn’t mean that at some point an accident can’t happen.

Here are some tips that will give you a clearer notion of what to do when an accident occurs on the job site:

Act diligently.

Follow the protocols, ensure that any medical issues are handled as soon as possible. Secure the area where the accident occurred, make a list of everyone who was present, and take pictures and videos for evidence purposes.

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Manage the accident paperwork and post-accident tasks.

After the incident there might be contractual obligations, regulatory requirements, public relation issues and even an investigation, so review your contract to comply with any notice requirements that may need to be given and make sure to have all records requested such as OSHA 300 logs, safety manuals, first aid / medical records, training records, safety meeting minutes, inspection records and accident reports, etc.

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Accident Report

Your attorney should review all the reports before being given to any investigator, and should be limited to the FACTS, no guesses. If your attorney directed the accident report’s preparation, the report is privileged and should not be produced to the inspector.

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And don’t wait until accidents happen to take action.

Prepare ahead of time. Have a document with best practices protocol to follow if an accident occurs, as well as a risk management team that handles insurance and legal issues, and don’t forget to have a chain of command in place for notification purposes.

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Be safe.

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