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5 Tips to Improve Safety and Communications in Construction Sites

Communication on construction sites directly affects the safety and number of incidents. One can’t anticipate safety improvements without improving communication with those working on site.

Safety communication among construction workers is fundamental in having an effective safety management strategy. It can improve team work, produce better results, and prevent unexpected injuries.

Here are 5 tips to improve communication and safety in construction sites:

1. Use of Safety Gear and Equipment

All workers must have the required equipment and safety supplies to safely perform the task at hand. At no time, under any circumstances, should an employee perform a task without adequate safety equipment. By ensuring this, the company is protecting both the employee and itself.

2. Safety and Communication Meetings

Start the day with a communication and safety meeting and discuss the scheduled activities to be performed that day. This is the perfect time to discuss any safety concerns on the day’s tasks before any equipment or materials are moved and align expectations, to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

3. Upgrade Safety Gear and Equipment

Conduct regular inspections to ensure that the equipment and safety gear are in good conditions and upgrade them as needed.

4. Use Hand Signals

The use of hand signals on a construction site can help to prevent jobsite accidents and injuries by allowing equipment operators who don’t have a clear view of the jobsite to complete their tasks with the help of a signalman.

5. Have a Chain of Command in place

A construction company should have a documented chain of command in place to ensure that questions are answered correctly and safety concerns are addressed immediately in order to run a safe and efficient construction job site. There should also be a point person who can help workers with any questions or concerns they have about the job or their ability to perform it safely.

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