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Threats You May Encounter as a Small Business During COVID-19: Part 2

Threats You May Encounter as a Small Business During COVID-19

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of telework and keeping workforce capacity, we have to review the other side of the coin: customers and government regulation. As we continue to get used to working from home and social distancing restrictions we need to place important focus on our clients.

The best way to do this is simple- Communication. Thanks to technology we have a wide range of ways to communicate everything from traditional emails and phone calls all the way to the new standard of Zoom meetings and WhatsApp messages.

Communicating with your client’s during this time is crucial, as they feel heard and cared for by the companies they use.

Keeping facilities sanitary and safe according to new standards set forth by OSHA/HHS during the ongoing pandemic. 

As millions of businesses close during the pandemic, the 16 essential industries are being closely watched by law enforcement to ensure they’re complying with the set standards, and anyone who isn’t will quickly be shut down. To ensure this doesn’t happen to your business, stay informed on current government standards. 

Our current situation has left a lot of people wondering about health insurance. This is something that can be a long and tricky process for many, that’s why we’re providing you with resources from the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s which includes news and very useful information for applying for insurance and how certain insurances are covering Coronavirus cases. 

For more small business tips and resources check out these links: https://linktr.ee/Lunaconcg

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