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Threats You May Encounter as a Small Business During COVID-19: Part 1

As Coronavirus continues to spread across the US, more and more small businesses grow concerned over how to prepare for the best, and ultimately the worst outcomes. The main concern of many small business owners is if they can keep their doors open another day. 

As a small business going through some of the pains you might be experiencing, we thought it would be useful to discuss some common issues that could become a problem for a small business owner and how to combat them. 

One of these issues is Workforce Capacity. We’ve all seen the news that over 6 million American’s have filed for unemployment in the last month due to the current pandemic. 

This is a crucial time to appreciate employees and enforce telework policies. Planning is crucial for this, allowing you to always be prepared for what’s coming and to not be caught off guard. 

Telework can make it a little harder to plan due to lack of face-to-face communication, but it’s not impossible. 

Daily calls with the team have been helping mitigate possible challenges that can come up with the changing status of the spread of the virus, and departmental meetings have allowed us to quickly solve problems that could become severe if not handled in a timely fashion.

A crucial, but sometimes overlooked part of our everyday lives are inventory and supply chains. Every industry from our own construction industry to everything from government and retail depend on their respective inventories and supply chains to get work done. 

For the construction industry in particular, a lack of equipment, materials and personnel could be catastrophic. Thankfully, there are resources like The Bluebook and American Building Contractors (ABC) that provide quick searches to contractors and suppliers throughout the country. 


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