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Resilient Construction

When it comes to visualizing your project, you need a construction partner with resilient strategies sustainable over time. Things like calculating wind loads or precipitations need to be considered in all buildings regardless of their geographical location.

Resilience is the ability of a system to recover after a disaster. How do we know if our buildings are resilient? It has been an interesting question that is being developed and analyzed for a few years.

The rise of extreme events is leading to a more demanding architecture and your project must have the capacity for spatial organization in case of an emergency situation. This is nothing new, societies have evolved by adapting, adopting elements of resistance, creating and reinventing themselves in order to survive periods of crisis, they are cities that manage to overcome disasters.

5 items to Consider for Resilient Construction:

1. Design with flexibility in mind.
Don’t design to minimum code, consider potential extreme weather events and make sure to factor in climate change.

2. Use passive design strategies.
Use natural energy sources instead of purchased energy like electricity or natural gas; include
daylighting, natural ventilation, and solar energy.

3. Create community facilities.
For example: high schools, community centers, senior centers, and village halls. Designers should provide the necessary infrastructure to allow them to be converted into emergency shelters.

4. Cost challenges are worthy.

Building resilient housing often comes with cost challenges, but the costs associated with disaster reconstruction can be as disastrous as the natural hazards themselves.

5. Reduce the risk of flooding by storing water.
Rain harvesting systems are used to store water during drought, thus eliminating a great risk of flooding when heavy rains come.

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