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Celebrating Mother’s Day under Quarantine

Time under quarantine has felt as if everything has sped up substantially. It was March and now all of a sudden it’s the second weekend of May and that means it’s Mother Day! This week we’re dedicating our blog to something more lighthearted, but still focused on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

It can be hard to think about celebrating anything after these past couple of months, but a great way to get out of the coronavirus funk is to do something out of your ordinary routine and what better time to do so than to celebrate Mom! 

Although typical Mother’s Day outings are out of the question for most people in the US, and throughout the world where lockdowns are still in place. This doesn’ mean that you can’t make this Sunday special for your mom, and even for yourself. See our at-home Mother’s Day ideas below and check out our guide for more descriptive ideas! 

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