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Staying Productive During Quarantine

It’s been over a month since most businesses had to shutter their doors and employees began working from home. This was a huge change for many, who have never worked from home and had to take this challenge and make the best of it. 

The ongoing stress from the current pandemic is enough to get anyone out of focus, add working from home with your entire family and it’s an equation to stop anyone from being productive. But there are a number of things that can make the working from a much smoother and efficient process. 

  1. Set-up your workplace. Choose a spot that’s isolated from the main areas of your home where people are usually concentrated around. Once you’ve chosen a spot, set up all your necessary tools. This can include everything from your computer, to notebooks and pens, project plans and even the computer programs you need to work effectively. 
  2. Meal prep. This is crucial to make your workday more efficient. Rather than having to spend time in the middle of your work day cooking, get your meals ready every Sunday for the work week, all you have to do is heat them up and they’ll be ready to enjoy. This will also make your lunch break feel like an actual break. Pro Tip: keep snacks handy near your desk so you have food to munch on in between meetings. Make sure it’s brian food that will increase efficiency! 
  3. Create a routine and stick to it. If you normally drink coffee at the office before starting your workday, do the same while working from home. These small tasks will give you a sense of normalcy and allow you to better adjust to your new work setting. As your work hours are the same, this routine will help you segment your day and get tasks done in a more timely manner.
  4. Set office hours. This is a crucial step for your mental health. Setting a line between your work and home life is necessary now that they’re taking place in the same space. Whatever your office hours are, make sure to stick by them and share them with coworkers and business colleagues. Once these boundaries are set, enforce them politely if someone calls outside of office hours. 
  5. Check in with your team. We’ve mentioned this in our previous blog posts, but it’s key for working remotely. Knowing what everyone is doing is important for your tasks at hand. Checking in with the team also helps you gauge the status of important projects and sets accountability for everyone involved. 

Although working from home takes some adjustment and flexibility, using the tips above will make the process that much easier. The most important take from this is: Communication and Flexibility. Communication will ensure that everyone on the team is working on the correct tasks and provide a better sense of stability, while Flexibility will help you adapt to these ever changing situations. We created a Work From Home Guide with the tips above to make WFH less stressful.

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