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Lunacon Construction Group Celebrates Its 1st Ever Company Team Building Event

It was a very unforgettable moment for the whole team at Lunacon Construction Group. From April 11-13, 2024, Lunacon Construction made history by kicking off its very first team-building event, setting a new tradition for collaboration and celebration. We brought our VAs and their families together at the beautiful Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. Those three days were filled with fun, laughter, and numerous memorable moments.

Theme of Togetherness: Collaborate. Elevate. Celebrate.

With the theme “Collaborate. Elevate. Celebrate.”, the event was not just a chance to unwind but also to forge stronger bonds within our team. Patricia and Emilio, our esteemed leaders, joined forces with our 16 virtual assistants (VAs) and their families to make this a truly inclusive affair.

A Fun Mix of Activities and Team Challenges

The main focus of our team-building event was to tackle various challenges that boosted important skills like teamwork, creativity, and leadership. We engaged in a series of fun activities that not only helped us work better as a team but also improved our communication and collaboration. The games we played were more than just exercises in job skills; they taught us to be patient and supportive with each other. From solving puzzles to competing in contests and playing games that emphasized effective communication, each activity was designed to strengthen us as a group.

New Friends and Friendly Competition

The team gathering also serves as the first meeting of the whole team in person, after so many years. The friendly competition was on, everyone was divided into 3 groups, the yellow team, the purple team, and the red team. The purple team was awarded for winning the title of overall champions. Although the purple team won the top prize, every participant received a special certificate to honor their contributions and hard work.

A Culinary Delight

“Great food is a must at any gathering; no event is complete without it, and ours was overflowing with delicious dishes and delectable desserts that kept everyone’s spirits high and bellies full. Indeed, we enjoyed scrumptious meals throughout our stay.”

A Grand Finale

The final night was particularly memorable, with a beautiful dinner by the pool organized by Aileen and the resort. Dressed in all white, the entire team gathered to celebrate the birthdays of Patricia and Emilio, complete with a cakeblowing ceremony and gift-giving. It was a perfect culmination of the event’s festive spirit.

Patricia also took this opportunity to share a piece of herself with the team by gifting each member her best-selling book, “Be Who You Long For”, signed and accompanied by a personal note.

Special Moments to Remember

The event was also packed with special moments. The first night featured a karaoke session where many showcased their singing and dancing talents, adding a fun and personal touch to the festivities. We made sure to capture these moments with plenty of photos and videos, ensuring that these memories will last a lifetime.

Inspiring Words and Goodbyes

The event concluded with moving speeches from Patricia and Emilio, filled with words of inspiration that encouraged everyone to carry forward the spirit of unity and achievement.

Looking Forward

This inaugural team building was just the beginning. It set a high standard for future gatherings and left everyone excited for what’s to come. As we all went back to our daily routines, we carried with us the joy and lessons from those three magical days, looking forward to more such occasions to collaborate, elevate, and celebrate together as the Lunacon family.

Stay tuned for more updates, as this is just the first of many more team buildings and fun occasions for the entire Lunacon family

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