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WHO Declares Coronavirus a Pandemic: Here’s what you need to know

Coronavirus or COVID-19, has been the subject of news headlines for the past month. The gravity of the situation is nothing to be taken lightly, but scaremongering and panic will only make matters worse for everyone. The only thing to do in a time like this is take precautionary measures, stay updated on developing news of infected areas or about the virus itself, and to listen to government and healthcare officials on what direction to take. We’ve compiled a list of information and tips to help everyone be proactive in preventing further contamination and what to do in case of infection.

An important factor to note in a time of widespread hysteria in country in that the number of those infected in the United States will continue to grow exponentially for the following weeks, until it peaks as it did in China and South Korea. Rather than panic, the best thing to do is follow these guidelines and continuously check the CDC website for updates and guidance.

Check out our guide here: COVID-19 Guide

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