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Zoo Miami Wacky Barn

This is a successful completion of the Zoo Miami Wacky Barn project. This unique undertaking involved both demolition and new construction, leading to the creation of an engaging and thematic attraction. Here’s a summary of the work completed:

  • Site Preparation and Demolition: Began with the demolition of the existing concrete contact yard, canopy, and other elements to make way for the new construction.
  • ‘Wacky’ Themed Barn Construction: Built a new, creatively themed ‘wacky’ barn, offering a distinctive and interactive experience for visitors.
  • Animal Pens and Contact Yard: Developed new animal pens and a contact yard, enhancing the interaction opportunities between visitors and animals.
  • Perimeter Fencing and Walkways: Installed perimeter fencing for safety and security, along with walkways for visitor access and circulation.
  • Associated Elements: Included various associated elements to complement the barn and its surroundings, contributing to the overall aesthetic and functionality.

The Zoo Miami Wacky Barn project not only adds a unique attraction to the zoo but also showcases our capability in creating themed environments.