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William E. Dandy Middle School Renovation

We’re proud to highlight our comprehensive renovation project at William Dandy Middle School, encompassing a wide range of improvements across 19 buildings. The project included:

  • Re-Roofing Initiative: Our team undertook the demolition and reconstruction of existing roofing, installing bitumen built-up roofing systems. This included new roof insulation, flashing, trim, and related accessories.
  • Roof Structure Reinforcement: We reinforced the roof structure where necessary, particularly to support the relocation of Rooftop Units (RTUs).
  • Exterior Upgrades: The project involved painting exterior soffits, enhancing the school’s aesthetic appeal.
  • HVAC Equipment Replacement: We upgraded the HVAC systems to ensure efficient temperature control and air quality.
  • Student Restroom Renovation: The renovation also included modernizing student restrooms and installing any missing exit signs for improved safety.
  • Site Works: Key site works included replacing the entire fire alarm system and repairing the existing aluminum covered walkways.

Our work at William Dandy Middle School not only improved the functionality and safety of the buildings but also demonstrates our commitment to enhancing educational environments.