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USPS Royal Palm Platform Expansion & Restroom Upgrades

We successfully completed a comprehensive construction project for the United States Postal Service, demonstrating our full-service capabilities in facility development. This project encompassed a wide range of construction tasks and upgrades. Key aspects included:

  • Comprehensive Service Delivery: Our team provided all materials, labor, tools, plant, supplies, equipment, transportation, superintendence, and temporary construction services necessary for the project.
  • Facility Construction and Upgrades: The scope of work involved constructing a postal facility with various features:
    • Concrete Dock and Canopy: Constructed with a flat roof, steel columns, steel joists, metal deck, and single-ply roof membrane.
    • Facility Features: Included wall protection, edge of dock levelers, stairs, railings, concrete apron, asphalt drive, and truck parking areas.
    • Access and Security: We built an exit drive with access control devices, fencing, site lighting, dock ceiling lighting, fire sprinklers, signage, and security and investigative cameras.
    • Door and Partition Installations: The project involved installing overhead doors, high-speed doors, gypsum board partitions, painting, and steel bollards.
    • Restroom Renovations: Upgraded restrooms with new partitions, fixtures, accessories, toilet partitions, epoxy painting, acoustical ceilings, and integrated lighting, power, and exhaust systems.
    • HVAC and Safety Systems: Included A/C modifications, concrete cutting, floor patching, signage, and fire sprinkler installations.

This project at the USPS postal facility not only showcases our proficiency in building complex facilities but also highlights our attention to functionality, safety, and security.