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USPS (PR) HVAC System Upgrades

We recently undertook a significant project at a USPS facility in Puerto Rico, focused on upgrading its HVAC system for enhanced efficiency and performance. The project encompassed:

  • Central Plant and AHU Component Replacement: Our key task was replacing critical components in the facility’s central plant and air handling units (AHUs), including:
    • Installing new magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers, replacing the old ones.
    • Demolishing the old and installing new cooling towers, pumps, and fan coil units.
    • Replacing twenty AHUs and twenty-four VAV terminal units with new, more efficient units.
  • Comprehensive Electrical Work: This involved demolishing existing and installing new circuit breakers, conduit, wire, and updating the fire alarm systems.
  • Structural Enhancements: We also carried out structural work, including demolishing and replacing steel framing platforms for the cooling towers and AHUs.

This extensive HVAC system overhaul not only improves the facility’s operational efficiency but also demonstrates our expertise in handling large-scale, complex installations.