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USPS Dock Expansion – Royal Palm

We successfully completed a construction project that involved creating 31 advanced loading positions with a range of features and site improvements. Key aspects of this project include:

  • Loading Position Features: Each loading position is equipped with:
    • Edge of Dock Levelers and Truck Restraints for efficient loading operations.
    • A Dock Control Light System for safety and coordination.
    • A Covered Canopy featuring Single Ply TPO Roofing for weather protection.
    • Ramps and Stairs for easy access.
    • An Investigative Camera System for security and monitoring.
    • Adequate Lighting and Power sources.
    • Lightning Protection systems for safety.
    • Access Panels and comprehensive Signage for information and guidance.
  • Site Improvements: To support these loading positions, we also made significant site enhancements, including:
    • A Concrete Apron for heavy-duty use.
    • Additional asphalt paving to accommodate trailer parking.
    • Fencing and signage for security and information.
    • Enhanced drainage systems to manage water flow effectively.

This project not only demonstrates our expertise in constructing functional loading platforms but also our ability to handle a variety of site improvements, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.