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U.S.P.S. – Office Royal Palm P & DC

This project is at the Royal Palm Processing & Distribution Center (P&DC), focusing on enhancing security measures. The project was centered around the installation and repair of critical security components. Key aspects of the work included:

  • CCTV System Upgrade: A major part of our project involved providing and installing new CCTV cameras. We also repaired existing cameras to ensure a fully operational and comprehensive CCTV system. This upgrade significantly enhances the facility’s security and aids in criminal investigative services.
  • Fencing Installation and Repair: Our team was responsible for installing new fencing where required, further bolstering the site’s security perimeter. Additionally, we conducted repairs on existing gates to ensure they were fully functional and secure.

This security upgrade project at the Royal Palm P&DC not only enhances the safety and security of the facility but also demonstrates our expertise in implementing advanced security solutions.