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Surfside 96th St. Park Construction

We’re excited to showcase our recent project: the construction of the Town 96th Street Park and a LEED Silver certified municipal community center. This project highlights our commitment to sustainability and community-focused development. Key aspects of our work included:

  • Eco-Friendly Community Center: We built a municipal community center that achieved LEED Silver certification, demonstrating our dedication to environmentally responsible construction practices.
  • Recreational Park Development: Our team developed a LEED Sites certified municipal recreational park, ensuring a sustainable and enjoyable space for the community. This included:
    • Installing new playground facilities with specialized play equipment for a fun and safe play environment.
    • Adding site furnishings, shade structures, and fencing to enhance user comfort and safety.
    • Implementing advanced lighting solutions to ensure the park is well-lit and welcoming.
    • Landscaping the area with a focus on aesthetics and environmental sustainability.
    • Installing comprehensive irrigation systems to maintain the park’s greenery efficiently.

This project not only stands as a testament to our capability in handling large-scale, sustainable construction projects but also reflects our dedication to enhancing community spaces.