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South District Fog Removal Facility

South District Fog Removal Facility is a project that encompassed extensive preparatory and construction activities. The project’s scope included:

  • Preparatory Work: Setting up temporary facilities, preparing shop drawing submittals, and handling mobilization/demobilization to the project site.
  • Utility and Equipment Relocation: We managed the relocation of utilities and replacement/relocation of equipment to accommodate deep foundation work.
  • System Improvements and Installations: Our team made significant improvements to the facility’s systems, including:
    • Enhancing the Rock Box system, travel bridge crane, and its support structure.
    • Upgrading the hot water system and all associated components.
  • Civil Work: This included various aspects like dewatering, constructing concrete driveways and roadways, and building concrete curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.
  • Structural Features Installation: We focused on installing all structural features such as underpinning existing structures, installing concrete blocks, reinforcement, grout, and beams to strengthen and support the facility.

This project at the South District Fog Removal Facility demonstrates our expertise in handling complex facility upgrades, emphasizing our capability in both civil and structural work.