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Riverglades Elementary School

Our project at Riverglades Elementary School involved a series of essential repairs and upgrades across the campus. The project focused on enhancing safety, functionality, and aesthetics. Key components included:

  • Walkway Repairs: Repair work was carried out on the aluminum covered walkways, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Fire Safety System Overhaul: We replaced the entire fire alarm system and installed new fire sprinklers, significantly enhancing the school’s safety measures.
  • Building 1 Enhancements:
    • Roofing and decking were replaced to ensure structural integrity.
    • Aluminum windows underwent necessary repairs.
    • The building’s exterior was freshly painted.
    • Mechanical upgrades included replacing the exterior condenser, installing kitchen air/exhaust systems, updating controls to Direct Digital Controls (DDC), and replacing exhaust fan ventilation.
  • Building 2 Upgrades:
    • Reroofing with new decking to maintain the building’s condition.
    • Similar repairs to aluminum windows and exterior painting.
    • Mechanical improvements included updating to DDC controls, increasing make-up air, and performing test and balance procedures.

This project at Riverglades ES not only revitalized the school’s facilities but also underscored our commitment to maintaining and enhancing educational environments.