Riverglades Elementary School

Riverglades Elementary School is a remodeling and renovations project which has the following scope for 6 buildings: Re-Roofing – (demolition and reconstruction of existing roofing, roof insulation, flashing, trim, and accessories), window repairs, painting of interior and exterior surfaces, HVAC improvements and improvement of Overall Campus Fire Sprinkler system.


  1. Overall campus is composed of six buildings.
  3. Reroofing: All buildings, refer to Architectural drawings for identification of buildings to be reroofed, and different roofing types and substrates as detailed.
  4. Windows: Repairs as noted, all windows to have new sealants.
  5. Painting: All Exterior surfaces.



  1. Miscellaneous HVAC, improvements, refer Mechanical drawings for detailed scope.
  2. Selective painting, refer to detailed scope on drawings.
  3. Overall Campus Fire Sprinkler system.

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