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Repair Elevated Water Tower

Our project at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, focused on the comprehensive repair of the Elevated Water Tower. This project was aimed at ensuring the tower meets current industry and safety standards. Highlights of the work include:

  • Coating Replacement: We replaced both the exterior and interior coatings of the water tower, extending its lifespan and improving its resistance to environmental factors.
  • Substrate Metal Repair: Our team repaired the substrate metal as necessary, ensuring the structure’s integrity aligns with current American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards.
  • Structural and Safety Upgrades: Significant upgrades were made to enhance safety and functionality, including:
    • Repairing interior support structures.
    • Installing, replacing, and repairing all interior and exterior ladders, man-ways, davit arms, hatches, covers, platforms, balconies, and handrails.
    • Updating climbing safety devices to meet current Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) codes.
  • System Improvements: We repaired or replaced all vents, inlet piping, and drain piping.
  • Water Tower Specifications:
    • High water line at 170.44 ft.
    • Tip of the roof at 177.44 ft.
    • Diameter of 51.25 ft.
    • Shell height of 41 ft.
    • Capacity of 500 gallons.

This project not only revitalized an essential infrastructure component at Ft. Detrick but also highlights our commitment to maintaining critical facilities in line with the highest standards.