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PR042 Chiller Replacement in PR

Lunacon completed a crucial project at the Ceiba Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC), Building 29, Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. This project was centered around enhancing the facility’s HVAC system. Key details include:

  • Chiller Replacement: The core of this project was the demolition and replacement of a 100-ton chiller (CH-1), a vital component in the building’s HVAC system.
  • System Repairs: Alongside the chiller replacement, we conducted comprehensive repairs of both mechanical and electrical systems to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.
  • Incidental Related Work: The project also included additional related tasks as outlined in the Statement of Work, ensuring a holistic approach to system upgrades.
  • Administrative and Compliance Adherence: We meticulously followed the administrative requirements of the project, coordinating with various sections and adhering to the specific requirements set forth for the location and work involved.

This project at the Ceiba Armed Forces Reserve Center not only demonstrates our expertise in HVAC systems but also our ability to handle complex mechanical and electrical repairs in critical facilities.