Pinecrest Community Center Renovation & Addition

Pinecrest Community Center is a renovation and remodeling project with a gross lot area of 280,578 sq.ft.(6.44 acres). The construction is separated into two phases:

Phase 1: Includes the new Addition of the Community Center, Outdoor Playground Area and Outdoor Dining areas.

Site works include: Relocation of existing trees, Removal and restoration of existing concrete and brick walkways, construction of concrete pad and trash bin enclosure, demolition and reconstruction of existing fitness station after completion of underground civil work, construction of emergency generator concrete pad and encasement, Construction of the new gazebo and sail shade canopy structure, septic tank relocation and the Addition of 103 parking lots to the existing 170 parking lots.

Phase 2: Renovation of the interior corridor and remodeling of spaces of the existing Community Center building.

With the following scope: Removal of existing roof top a/c unit, Reroofing, Removal of existing roof drain and scupper, Restoration of existing sprinkler system, Construction of concrete landing, Removal/Remodeling of partitions, doors, windows, flooring, ceiling and accessories according to plans.