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Pinecrest Community Center Renovation & Addition

Lunacon is involved in the renovation and expansion of the Pinecrest Community Center, encompassing a vast area of 280,578 sq.ft. (6.44 acres). This project was executed in two distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: New Additions and Site Work
    • New Constructions: Included the addition of a new Community Center, an Outdoor Playground Area, and Outdoor Dining areas.
    • Site Work: This phase involved various tasks such as relocating existing trees, removing and restoring walkways, constructing a concrete pad and trash bin enclosure, and more.
    • Special Features: We constructed a new gazebo, a sail shade canopy structure, and relocated the septic tank.
    • Parking Expansion: Added 103 parking lots to the existing 170, enhancing accessibility.
  • Phase 2: Interior Renovation and Remodeling
    • Interior Overhaul: Focused on renovating the interior corridor and remodeling spaces within the existing Community Center building.
    • Comprehensive Scope: This included removing the existing rooftop A/C unit, reroofing, remodeling partitions, doors, windows, flooring, and ceiling, and restoring the sprinkler system.

This project not only revitalized the Pinecrest Community Center but also expanded its capacity and functionality, demonstrating our expertise in both outdoor and indoor construction and renovation.