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Miami Springs Aquatic Center

Lunacon was the Prime Contractor in the Design/Build team for the Miami Springs Aquatic Center, in collaboration with Alleguez Architecture and Carty Architecture. This comprehensive project involved significant redevelopment and modernization. Key elements included:

  • Site Redevelopment: Executed the demolition of the existing aquatic center facility and north parking lot, paving the way for new construction.
  • New Facility Construction: Built a new aquatic center at the north end of the site, which features:
    • A state-of-the-art Hybrid Pool and an accompanying pool deck.
    • A “Courtyard”-shaped building complex tailored to the facility’s needs.
  • Building Functionalities:
    • The North building houses locker rooms, restrooms, pool equipment storage, and other mechanical services.
    • Administration offices and concession buildings are located in the South, facing the new parking lot, with a breezeway entrance connecting the structures.
    • The East building includes a large multi-purpose room, reception hall, catering room, small restrooms, and storage space.

The Miami Springs Aquatic Center project not only revitalizes the community’s recreational facilities but also showcases Lunacon’s ability to lead large-scale construction projects in collaboration with architectural partners.