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Maurice Gibb Memorial Park

Our team took on the significant renovation of Maurice Gibb Memorial Park, located at 1700 Purdy Avenue in Miami Beach, following the discovery of petroleum contamination. Here’s a breakdown of the project:

  • Contamination Remediation: A key focus was soil and groundwater remediation to address the contamination. This involved strict adherence to environmental reports and regulatory requirements, coordinating closely with the Environmental Consultant and Miami Dade County’s Division of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) for all necessary approvals.
  • Park Redesign and Enhancement: With community input, we developed a new park design that included:
    • Updating playground equipment and installing new park furnishings.
    • Introducing new plant material and earthwork.
    • Adding new signage throughout the park.
    • Creating recreational features like a Fishing Pier, an Overlook, a Dog Park, and picnic areas.
  • Environmental and Infrastructure Improvements: Our redesign also focused on addressing environmental concerns and enhancing the park’s resilience:
    • Raising the existing seawall and extending the living shoreline to counter sea level rise.
    • Elevating the park area to improve environmental conditions.
  • Maintaining Access and Operations: Throughout construction, we ensured that the public parking lot, Marine Patrol office, public access docks, trailer parking, and two Pump Stations remained accessible and operational. However, public restrooms were closed during construction for safety and logistics.

This extensive renovation not only revitalized Maurice Gibb Memorial Park but also exemplifies our commitment to environmental responsibility and community-oriented design.