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Marlins Stadium

Lunacon is involved in the Marlins Stadium project, a high-profile endeavor where we played a pivotal role in ensuring quality, safety, and timely completion. Our key contributions to this project included:

  • Quality Control: Conducted multiple quality control inspections weekly, with detailed QC reports submitted daily to maintain the highest standards.
  • Safety Inspections: Held daily site safety meetings to address various topics, from potential hazards to near-misses, ensuring a secure work environment.
  • Toolbox Talks: Organized regular Toolbox Talks, providing material relevant to the ongoing work, further enhancing on-site safety awareness.
  • Zero Lost-Time Incidents: Proudly achieved zero lost-time incidents, reflecting our stringent safety practices and proactive risk management.
  • Schedule Management: Maintained a rigorous schedule, organizing weekly subcontractor meetings and additional sessions as needed to ensure project milestones were met.
  • On-Time and Within Budget: Successfully completed the Marlins Stadium project on time and within the allocated budget, demonstrating our efficiency and reliability.

The Marlins Stadium project not only showcases Lunacon’s commitment to quality and safety but also our ability to manage complex projects effectively.