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Larcenia J. Bullard Plaza

We’re proud to highlight our work on the Larcenia J. Bullard Plaza, a noteworthy new construction within a regional shopping mall area, distinguished by its LEED certification for environmental sustainability. Key highlights of this project include:

  • Sustainable Building Design: The two-story building, spanning approximately 14,000 square feet, is not only fully air-conditioned but also constructed with environmentally sustainable practices, earning it a LEED certification.
  • Versatile Use and Construction: Built with reinforced masonry or concrete block, the building serves multiple functions:
    • The ground floor offers five retail spaces, alongside a convenient takeout restaurant.
    • The upper level is dedicated to office spaces, supporting various business needs.
    • A special museum/exhibit space is included, making the building a hub for civic events.
  • Community and Environmental Focus: Owned and operated by Miami-Dade County, this LEED-certified building represents a commitment to both community engagement and environmental responsibility.

The Larcenia J. Bullard Plaza project exemplifies our dedication to creating sustainable, multi-use buildings that serve as community landmarks.