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HVAC Reset Puerto Nuevo Rubio U.S.A.R.C

Lunacon successfully completed the HVAC reset project at the Puerto Nuevo Rubio USARC. This project involved a comprehensive overhaul of the HVAC system. Key aspects of the project included:

  • Diverse HVAC Work: The scope encompassed various repairs, system resets, and replacements, including the introduction of new Mechanical Systems and Direct Digital Controls (DDC).
  • Electrical System Rework: We undertook the rework of electrical systems to integrate seamlessly with the new mechanical installations.
  • Roof and Architectural Repairs: The project also involved roof repairs and miscellaneous architectural work necessary for installing the new HVAC equipment.
  • System Testing and Balancing: A critical requirement was the testing and balancing of the mechanical system to ensure optimal performance.
  • Equipment Replacement: We replaced fan coils and air handlers located in ceiling spaces either with equivalent equipment or with a new Variable Air Volume (VAV) air distribution system.
  • Occupied Facility Operations: All work was conducted while the facility remained fully occupied and operational, showcasing our ability to efficiently manage projects with minimal disruption to daily activities.

This HVAC reset project not only improved the functionality and efficiency of the facility’s heating and cooling systems but also underscored our expertise in handling complex HVAC projects in operational environments.