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FIU Softball Golf Complex

Lunacon completed a project at the FIU Softball Golf Complex, a comprehensive construction and renovation effort. This project involved both the creation of new facilities and the upgrade of existing ones. Highlights include:

  • New Facility Construction: Constructed a new 4,100 square foot Softball/Golf Complex, enhancing the university’s athletic infrastructure.
  • Locker Room Alterations: Modified the existing Beach Volleyball & Tennis Locker Rooms to better serve athletes’ needs.
  • Compliance and Upgrades: Ensured ADA and CSIR compliance across the complex. Key upgrades included:
    • Replacement of exterior doors and windows for better efficiency and security.
    • Roof repair to ensure durability and weather resistance.
    • Upgrades to the intercom/sound system, security system, and fire alarm system for improved communication and safety.
    • HVAC system enhancements for better climate control.
    • Electrical switch gear and lighting replacement, both interior and exterior, for energy efficiency and improved visibility.
  • Infrastructure Improvements: Conducted paving and play court resurfacing, fire systems upgrades, and comprehensive plumbing work.
  • Interior Enhancements: The project also included bathroom replacements, ceiling and flooring replacements, and interior finishes such as painting and casework.
  • Self-Performed Tasks: Our team self-performed critical tasks like framing, drywall, and masonry, ensuring high-quality execution and consistency.

This project at the FIU Softball Golf Complex not only improved the functionality and safety of the facilities but also showcases our expertise in managing large-scale construction and renovation projects in the educational sector.