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Rehabilitate Flamingo Visitor Center

We’re excited to share our involvement in the rehabilitation of the historic Mission66 era Visitor Center within Everglades National Park. This sensitive project was executed with utmost care, considering the surrounding national preserves and their endangered species. Key components of the project include:

  • Sensitive Repurposing: We transformed the former Flamingo concession’s restaurant and gift shop into the new Guy Bradley Visitor Center.
  • Renovation of Law Enforcement Wing: The current Ranger Station was renovated to modern standards, continuing to serve vital law enforcement operations.
  • Code Compliance and Accessibility Improvements: Our team worked on exterior modifications, including updating railings for code compliance and creating new flatwork at the ABAAS compliant main entrance.
  • Elevator Installation: We made the facility more accessible by adding a new elevator, ensuring handicapped access for both visitors and staff.
  • Multipurpose Interior Spaces: The visitor center now features staff offices, a multipurpose Great Hall/Gallery space for exhibits and special events, and other support rooms, enhancing its functionality and visitor experience.

This project not only revitalizes a historical site but also demonstrates our commitment to environmentally sensitive and accessible construction.