Everglades National Park – Renovate Flamingo Visitor

The Flamingo Visitor Center is 58 years old and all mechanical, electrical systems, architectural finishes and built in furnishings are being replaced due to the damage of past flooding. The new visitor center will house spaces for offices, restrooms, a multi-purpose room, back country permit kiosk, conference room and bookstore. The Great Hall/Gallery space will be multi-purpose, not only will this room be used to display the informational exhibits but it will also be used for special events.

The Work includes the repurposing and renovation of the former Flamingo concessions restaurant and gift shop into the new Guy Bradley Visitor Center and the renovation of the Law Enforcement Wing. Also, the provision for a new elevator location and to abandon the existing cargo elevator to provide handicapped access for both visitors and staff, and installation of a new fire protection-sprinkler system, as well as a code compliant fire alarm and smoke detection system. A building sound/intercom system and an audio visual system will be installed for the great hall/exhibit area. All of the facility windows and exterior doors will be replaced to harden the building against future storms.

The facility roof structure and roof system, which was damaged in previous hurricanes will be replaced in full with a new modified bitumen roof system. Minor modifications, including sidewalk additions and replacement, will be made to accommodate new entrance locations and flow of visitors. In addition to the general renovation tasks, this work also includes rehabilitation and repurposing of select interior and exterior building components, including monumental stairs, hand rails, sidewalks, and restrooms.

In addition to the Flamingo Visitors Center facility work, a performance specifications package is included to upgrade the main water line infrastructure from the NPS owned desalination domestic water plant to the Flamingo area. These upgrades are necessary to support fire suppression and domestic water needs for the Flamingo Visitor’s Center Facility and future lodge / restaurant buildings in the Flamingo area.

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