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Ethel F. Beckford/Richmond Elementary School

This project encompassed a variety of important upgrades and installations, aimed at enhancing the school’s infrastructure and facilities. The scope of our work included:

  • Portable Demolition: Efficiently demolished and removed an existing portable from the school grounds.
  • School Painting: Undertook a comprehensive painting project to refresh and update the appearance of the school.
  • Backflow Preventer Installation: Installed a new backflow preventer to ensure safe and reliable domestic water supply.
  • Water Pressure Improvement: Addressed and rectified issues related to low water pressure in the domestic water supply system.
  • Hi-Lo Water Fountain Installation: Installed a new Hi-Lo water fountain, improving accessibility and hydration options for students and staff.
  • Security Upgrades: Enhanced school security by installing new door contacts and motion detectors.
  • Public Address System: Upgraded the Public Address System, ensuring effective and clear communication throughout the school.
  • Energy Management System: Implemented a new Energy Management System to optimize energy usage and promote sustainability.

This project at Ethel Beckford Richmond Elementary School not only improved the school’s functionality and safety but also enhanced the learning environment for students and staff.