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Driftwood Middle School Renovation

This renovation project involved a series of important repairs and upgrades to enhance functionality and safety. Highlights of the work we completed include:

  • Walkway Repairs and Replacement: We repaired and replaced existing galvanized steel walkways, ensuring durability and safety.
  • Media Center Renovation: Our team modernized the media center, updating it to meet current needs and standards.
  • Stucco Repair: We conducted thorough repairs on the stucco to maintain the building’s integrity and appearance.
  • HVAC System Overhaul: The project included the replacement of the HVAC system, ducts, heaters, and exhaust fans, along with a complete test and balance of the building’s climate control system.
  • Electrical Upgrades: We installed new panel boards, modern lights, and new GCFI receptacles to enhance electrical safety and efficiency.

This project showcases our expertise in both structural repairs and interior renovations, emphasizing our commitment to maintaining and improving building standards.