CVS Pharmacy Building – Store #5142

Lunacon won their first CVS Pharmacy building, a Design Build project starting and completing in 2017. The construction included: Underground utilities, fences, gates, landscaping, concrete, masonry, structural steel, joists and deck, wood and interior architectural woodwork, building insulation, TPO roofing system, automatic doors, aluminum entrances and storefronts, drive-thru window, glazing, interior finishes, waterproof panels, Nishiha panels, stucco plaster cement, Interior and exterior signage, fire protection, security safes, waste compactor, coolers and freezer, steel gondolas, roller window shades, fire alarm, fire suppression, vertical conveyor, HVAC, roof top units, plumbing, electrical, electronic detection system, burglar alarm system, communications and energy management system . WIth Hurricaine Irma slowing down the project for quite some time, Lunacon stepped up and did all they could with the time constraints, and kept the project on schedule and within budget.