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Central Park Elementary School Renovations

This project involves significant upgrades and renovations, and encompassed various enhancements to improve functionality and aesthetics. Key elements include:

  • Walkway Reconstruction: We demolished the existing aluminum walkways and constructed new covered ones, providing better protection and accessibility.
  • Building Envelope Improvements: Our work extended to the overall structure of the building, including:
    • Painting the exterior for a refreshed look.
    • Installing new windows for improved energy efficiency and aesthetics.
    • Re-roofing to ensure durability and weather resistance.
    • Replacing doors for enhanced security and visual appeal.
  • Specific Area Upgrades:
    • Added new exterior wall infill to the art room, optimizing space and function.
    • Installed fire sprinklers in Building 2 for increased safety.
    • Made HVAC improvements to enhance indoor air quality and climate control.

These renovations not only revitalized the building but also aligned with our commitment to delivering high-quality, functional spaces.