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Battle Creek Renovations

This renovation project at the Battle Creek Reserve Center, undertaken for the US Army Corps of Engineers. This project focused on modernizing and enhancing the facility’s security and functionality. Key aspects of our work included:

  • Building Renovation and Reconfiguration: We undertook a comprehensive renovation and reconfiguration of the Reserve Center Building, updating it to meet current operational needs.
  • Fence Relocation and Site Preparation: Our team managed the relocation of existing fencing and prepared the site for the new installations and upgrades.
  • Mobile Armories Installation: We installed two mobile armories, complete with hardstand, power, communication systems, security lighting, and fencing, enhancing the facility’s operational capabilities.
  • Ballistic Protection Upgrades: To increase security, we upgraded ballistic protection at entry points, the vestibule, and other critical areas.
  • Furnishing Provision: The project also included providing appropriate furniture, ensuring the facility is fully equipped and functional.

This renovation at the Battle Creek Reserve Center demonstrates our expertise in handling specialized military facility upgrades, focusing on security, functionality, and efficiency.