CX29 Transformer (SABER 3)


This Project will provide electrical power for 4 Chemical Storage Units. Repair by replacement a 30KVA transformer and replace with a 45KV A. Install new 150 amp 3 pole main breaker in panel 29-A. Install tie down sand ground rods for each storage unit. Install four 2 pole 30 amp circuit breakers in panel 29-A. Run four 30 amp circuits to the chemical storage units and install 30 amp 3 pole 4 wire twist lock receptacles on a stainless steel unistrut stand 24″ above grade. Provide SO cord and hangar on each chemical storage unit with 30 amp 3 pole 4 wire twist lock plug. Rewire manual skid (existing on site) and tie down 2 each existing skids. The scope of work is in anon-secure area and work will be accomplished during the standard hours established in the contract.


U.S. Air Force


Patrick AFB, FL


December 2013


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